The Pavement Enslavement
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A podcast where Walt (who has barely listened to Pavement) tries to convince Cecile (who loves Pavement) that Pavement (the rock band) is bad.

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    20 Pinkerton (feat. Cami Brennan)

    Cami comes on the show to talk about Rivers Cuomo's character flaws. Walt listens to Pinkerton for the first time.

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    19 Shame Melts Punk (feat. Shil Patel)

    Friend of the show SHIL PATEL helps Cecile and Walt figure out what the deal is with Stephen Malkmus’ 2001 solo debut. They also get into a semantic argument and conduct a job interview.

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    18 Harry Potter & The Fashion Nugget (feat. Mike Caulo)

    Cecile and Walt discuss all the hot Malkmus news coming across their collective desks, and then MIKE CAULO joins them to try and convince them the band Cake is good. Happy Valentines Day we love you!

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    16 In The Mouth A Dessert (feat. John Kovalchik)

    Walt and Cecile gather their family friend John Kovalchik (from some rock bands) to help them discuss Pavement's food-related output and create a Thanksgiving feast.

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    15 The Gravement Enslavement (feat. Austin Kirley and C Phillips)

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    14 Pavement: The Movie! (feat. Enoch Marchant and Kevin Sweeney)

    Walt and Cecile consult with their friends Enoch (The Nice Price Podcast) and Kevin (from the Crooked Rain episode) on a high profile project they've been working on.

    Theme song is by Shitlord Fuckerman who you can find out about on Bandcamp and Soundcloud!

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    13 Crazy Moves Daily (feat. Andy Chaires)

    Walt and Cecile are joined by their friend and independent rock music enthusiast Andy Chaires to try and make sense of @dronecoma, the mysterious Twitter account of Stephen Malkmus.

    Theme song is by Shitlord Fuckerman! Freakin like us on Facebook!

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    12 The Rock Show

    Walt and Cecile drive home from a rock and roll concert in this very special episode of The Pavement Enslavement.

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    11 Modest Mouse Is A Bad Band (feat. Sports Star Rachel Bridges)

    It's Stephen Malkmus's birthday, so we offer this gift to him: a definitive deconstruction on whether or not Modest Mouse is a bad band.

    Walt and Cecile are joined by rocker and sports enthusiast RACHEL BRIDGES (host of the famous podcast WXYC's Sportsrap) to do a comprehensive, career-spanning recap of the rock band Modest Mouse. Walt and Cecile do not like Modest Mouse, and Rachel does. You will not believe where this conversation goes.

    Listen to a very special episode of Sporstrap featuring Walt and Cecile! You can find it on Facebook if you look hard enough.

    Thanks to Shitlord Fuckerman for doing themesong we love you.

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